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» Welcome to Ultimate Driver

» Welcome to Ultimate Driver

Learn to Drive. Manual & Automatic Lessons. Pass Plus. Advanced Driving.

Learn to Drive - view the courses
Welcome to the world of driving, a new sense of freedom and accomplishment awaits you...

I like to think of myself as a coach rather than an instructor. I tend to of think of instructors being there to command, supervise and judge but that’s just not me, and frankly it’s not the best way to learn and a bit yesteryear.

I’m a coach; I’m here to stimulate, educate and extract your peak performance. If you live between Camberley and Windsor or any surrounding towns like Ascot, contact us for a driving lesson program.

Learn to Drive Automatic - view the courses

Welcome to the world of driving, a new sense of freedom and accomplishment awaits you...

Your fastest route to driving freedom! Learn faster and therefore cheaper, there is no doubt that learning to drive an automatic car is significantly easier and faster than manual.

Available Camberley to Windsor including Ascot, Sunningdale and surrounding areas

Advanced Driving - view the courses

Over the last 15 years I’ve developed core advanced driving skills and trained with some of the best racing cars drivers, police drivers and precision driving coaches from around the world. I’ve developed a “best-practice” 3 day driving course to get you on the road to becoming the very best driver you can be.

Apprehensive Drivers

Parallel parking, motorways like the M1 and driving through London city streets. Is there something you just never learned and you've always wanted to? Have you developed fears from others or car accidents? Don't let it hold over you any longer. Together, we'll get you through it. Have your nerves stopped you even getting started? Don't let them control you any longer and call me, I especially work with very nervous drivers and promise to help.

Videos - learn the manoeuvres and test routes

If you have your test coming up, review the manoeuvre videos to refresh your mind on the rules and reference points. Check out the tricky junctions and roundabouts around Chertsey and Farnborough test routes