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» Turn in the Road with EyeCAM: UK Driving Test

Turn in the Road manoeuvre: Get your observations perfect

Carrying out the Turn in the Road manoeuvre for most new drivers is probably the favoured or the easiest to learn and complete. But here is the other side of the coin, it has a high failure rate, all because of the observations that are required when reversing. It is essential that throughout the reversing phase of the manoeuvre you must be looking over your shoulder out of the rear window, NOT in the mirrors. Once you are halfway across the road, you can then switch your observation point to your blind spot so you can pick up the reference point when to stop.

PLEASE - look over your shoulder when you are reversing - not in the mirrors!

Check out the video below, it makes it simple to see the observation points in context with the manoeuvre itself.

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» Learn to Drive Windlesham

Learning to drive in Windlesham UK

If you live around Windlesham, Virginia Water, or Ascot you are probably going to take your driving test at Chertsey. Windlesham is a great place to take your first couple of driving lessons, it’s generally very quiet during the day and weekends, there aren’t any roundabouts as such and there are plenty of easy junctions to practice with.

As you get better, you need to start practicing at Chertsey. There are quite a few tricky junctions in and around Chertsey that you really need to practice before taking your test there and the roads are generally much busier. I've created a set of short videos to help show you just a few of these roads and junctions that need extra care and attention.

As an example, at the Addlestone end of Green Lane, there are two mini roundabouts, it's important you approach the first roundabout very slowly, usually in first gear because you won't be able to check the right hand side of the road until you are almost at the give way line. The roundabout there is very small too so low speed is important. If you are asked to turn left and then right at the second roundabout into Crouch Oak Lane, then stay in first gear all the way through, and be super careful not to move back into the left lane if there are road users there. You should drive in a straight line, turning a sharp right and cutting the edge of the roundabout so you don't interfere with the left lane traffic.

What the video so it makes sense. If you have been driving around Windlesham you'll know there aren't any roundabouts to practice on but if you take a short drive to Ascot, take a few laps around the race course to improve and practice your roundabout techniques. Ascot race course is a great place to practice learning to drive around roundabouts, there are 5 there in total and they are all quite different.

Even if you are taking automatic driving lessons, you will still need to practice all these junctions around Chertsey. 

Check out the Chertsey video, how do you think you would go?

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