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It’s about driving to a “higher standard” each time you get behind the wheel. That higher standard has been developed over time and is well documented in the Roadcraft publication. Here in the UK we position that level at the same point as our highly trained Advanced Police Drivers.

There are two main aspects; the first being about the ability to observe and perceive the information around you, your anticipation allowance based on that information and then how you plan to drive through that situation.

Perceptive Observation. Anticipation Allowance. Driving Plan

The second aspect is about vehicle control. Measuring the ability, execution and consistency of a driver’s skill including but not limited to;

  • Sequence and method of driving tasks
  • Correct gear and changing gears
  • Correct speed for the immediate environment
  • Changing of speed
  • Method of steering
  • Road Positioning and cornering
  • Progressive driving and overtaking

Mastering both aspects, executing them concurrently and consistently throughout a drive makes an advanced driver.

How is it that police rapid response drivers can move around our roads everyday at frighteningly high speeds and barely ever cause an incident yet thousands of licence holders cause accidents every day?

Training, to a much higher standard

Let me coach you to be the best you can be, if you practice the ultimate techniques today, they will become your driving habits forever.

“Practice only makes perfect if you practicing the perfect practice”

Partner with me to begin a lifetime of safe and confident driving. Passing your test is just step 1, whether you did it 40 years ago or yesterday. You’ll probably be driving for the rest of your life, and you might be doing it every day, taking responsibility for your family and friends, so isn’t worth doing it to a higher standard? If you think it is, congratulations; you’re on the right track, now check out our <Advanced Driving Courses>

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