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  • £ 447

    One on One Driver Training - 3 Day Course

    The Ultimate Driver Enhanced 3 Day Driving Course is intended to be taken over 9-16 week period, splitting the days up over time so you can practice each step in your regular daily driving before moving on to the next steps.

    You simply pay for each training day 48 hours in advance.

    Imagine how your driving confidence, safety and progressiveness with improve after covering these techniques.

    Enhanced Driving Day 1

    Situational Awareness - observation, perception and planning
    Speed – (including braking) appropriate speed, following and stopping distance
    Driving on motorways
    The basics of Road Craft
    Understanding the Limit Point
    Commentary driving introduction
    ABS accident avoidance

    Enhanced Driving Day 2

    Commentary driving
    Road position
    Driving on B roads with national speed limits
    Roundabout approach
    Practicing the Limit Point
    Police method of cornering


    Enhanced Driving Day 3

    Progressive driving
    City centre driving
    Comprehensive drive
    Adverse weather
    Night driving
    Being safe at night 


    How much is it to be an Ultimate Driver?

    Your investment starts from £149 for each day. There are fees on top if you choose you use the Ultimate Driver 2013 BMW 1 Series M sport training car

    You can choose to use your own car and simply pay the base rate £149 per day.

    You can book at anytime and simply make a payment 48 hours before your booking via the website below

    Ultimate Driver Car Rates

    The BMW 1 Series M Sport 8 Speed Automatic is a great little car, used worldwide in motorsport. It comes with an entertaining chassis which is great for driver training and 2.0 litre turbo diesel engine.

    Simply add £49 per day and this includes fuel, insurance plus wear and tear.

    Book now and simply pay for each training day 48 hours in advance. 

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