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» Farnborough Driving Test

Check out all the videos on tricky junctions, roundabouts in and around Farnborough

Video 1, Queens Roundabout to Peabody Rd

Starting out on Aerospace Blvd / Government House Rd, just a few hundred metres from the Farnborough Test Centre, you can often be asked to make a kerb side stop on hill as you leave the Aerospace Centre. Make sure you check your interior mirror and left mirrors before signalling, then you can begin to slow and move towards the kerb. Try and stop within 10cms from the kerb. Once you have stopped, engage the handbrake, select neutral and cancel your signal. From here your driving examiner will say something along the lines of "Drive on when your ready". Prepare the car to go before checking around and make sure as you leave the kerb the car doesn't roll back and there are no cars behind you in your lane catching up to you. If there is, speed up towards 40mph so the car coming from behind doesn't have to slow down for you. From here, watch out for the traffic lights and listen for directions as you approach Queens Roundabout. Queens Roundabout is multi-lane roundabout with each lane divided by painted white lines. With roundabouts such as this, so long as you begin your approach in the correct lane, you will be delivered to the exit you want without having to change lane. Always be prepared so you don't have to change lanes on the roundabout. Be careful to stay within the white lines and don't brush over into the lane next to you, there might be another car there!

Video 2, Pinehurst and Clockhouse Roundabout

Keep and eye on your speed as your approach Pinehurst roundabout, the road is very wide with 3 lanes and it's easy to creep over the 30mph limit. Whichever exit your are taking, get prepared early with mirrors and signals if you need them and look the right early. You will be able to see any gaps in the traffic as you approach so if it isn't too busy you should be able to manage your approach so you can drive straight in. If you are asked to take the first exit on the left, watch out for the solid white line that controls the bus lane, you can still prepare with mirrors, signal, and speed/gears and then move over to the left lane once the solid line runs out. But make sure you have an extra check in the left mirror or over your left shoulder because not all drivers will wait until the lines finishes and you may end up cutting up another driver. If you are asked to continue straight ahead, which is the 3rd exit, use the middle lane. Also use the middle lane if you are asked to take the second exit towards the "car parks". When taking the second exit, be careful to cancel your left signal as soon as you leave the roundabout and there will be left turn just in front of you and you don't want to drive towards or past that road with a left signal on if you are driving straight ahead, and then you have the pedestrian crossing to deal with. As for the Clockhouse roundabout, just practice it over and over. If you have heard rumors it really isn't that bad, the traffic can just seem a little fast sometimes and it can be hard to judge when to join into the roundabout.

Video 3, Highgate Lane Stop Sign

This is a super short video but a really important one. The trick here on Highgate Lane is to see the STOP sign and it's pretty obvious. Remember, every car has to stop at the stop sign. You don't have to use your handbrake, you don't have to engage "P" in an automatic car, you just have to make sure you completely stop, so there is absolutely no movement of the car whatsoever. It might seem like I'm going over the top a bit here, but too many people have failed their Farnborough driving tests here. Even if you have to stop because of a car in front of you is waiting to turn, once you move up to the line, you must also stop too. Slowing down, even under 1 mile per hour, will not cut it, it needs to be zero without any doubt in the examiners mind.



“ Thanks so much Clark! I still can't quite believe I passed at 38 weeks pregnant! Has been the most fun learning to drive and I never thought I would say that in a sentence! You're a miracle worker! ”

Lorna - Windsor, passed 1st time. February 2014

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“Just want to say a huge thanks to you Clark! I have had the most fun learning to drive with you and I never thought I'd say that, especially as I was such a nervous driver to begin with.” Cristina - Camberley, passed 1st time. May 2014