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Extend your driving skills, save on insurance

Congratulations on passing your driving test! Extend your driving skills by learning how to drive on motorways safely, how to enter and exit the motorway while feeling safe and confident.

Use Pass Plus to gain important driving skills in all areas of driving and potentially saving hundreds of pounds on your insurance premium, which I'm sure isn't cheap!
I'm an ex-Racing Car Driver and Police Trained so I like to think of myself as a coach rather than an instructor. I coach differently to most instructors because I've been trained much beyond the standard ADI program. I tend to of think of instructors being there to command, supervise and judge but that’s just not me, and frankly its not the best way to learn.

I’m a coach; I’m here to stimulate, educate and extract your peak performance.

You can choose Manual or Automatic and tailor exactly what you want to learn, whether its leaning to drive into Central London, learn to drive on the M25 safely or complete 6 hours of Pass Plus training incorporating a whole host of new driving skills.

I cover Camberley to Windsor and everywhere in between including Bagshot, Windlesham, Ascot, Sunningdale, Virginia Water and Egham just to name a few.

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Partner with me to continue a lifetime of safe and confident driving. Passing your test is just the beginning. You’ll probably be driving for the next 60 years or more, and you might be doing it every day, responsible for your family and friends, so isn’t worth doing it to a higher standard? If you think it is, that's great; we're on the same wavelength.

The current driving test isn’t perfect, so it's no surprise tuition isn't either.

How is it that police rapid response drivers can move around our roads everyday at frighteningly high speeds and barely ever cause an incident yet thousands of licence holders cause accidents every day?

Simply, it's down to their training, it's a much higher standard

Let me coach you to be the best you can be, if you practice the ultimate techniques today, they will become your driving habits forever.

Practice only makes perfect if you're practicing the perfect practice

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